All new Iroko side post parasol
Available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes and may be configured as a single, double or in multiple canopy parasols. The Single, Duo and Quad models are all supported from one mast – enabling large and unfettered areas of shade and weather protection. Smaller Terrafirma singles are available with 92mm square laminated Iroko masts with the larger sizes – Duos and Quads using our 142mm square laminated Iroko masts. Each mast is carefully sanded and then professionally treated with several coats of a water based satin finish.

Ideal for upscale residential environments – easy to use and low maintenance
The core objective of the Terrafirma design has been the focus on simple, precision and repeatable manufacture. The more accurate we make the design and components, the easier and faster it can be assembled in our UK workshops. This equates to lower costs to our customers. Form and function are at the core, with functional strength and elegance. The hubs are machined from a solid high strength aluminium billet, then marine anodised to ensure they remain corrosion free. Each uses our unique stainless “push pin” hub design which means easy assembly and no screws or nuts to fall out or come loose in the wind.

European solution-dyed acrylics are used for the membranes, with a choice of around 40 colours.