A World-Class collection of evolutionary residential parasols

Commercial Parasols
Commercial Parasols

Malaga Parasol

The finest collection of evolutionary residential parasols, ideal for residential use.

Peerless quality from the Parasol Experts. Over 50% of our parasols are MADE IN ENGLAND – and everything else, from Western Europe.

A unique portfolio of the finest residential parasols for upscale use.

Designed and crafted by Artisans, our exclusive parasols are ideal for private settings.
Commercial Parasols

Monte Carlo Parasol

Commercial Parasols

Valletta Parasol

A discerning individual will recognise that a high quality residential parasol procured for private use, is indeed a wise investment.

We are proud to have provided our services to high end residences and on occasion, to famous individuals.

Some of our clients

We are an approved supplier to many well-known brands. Prestigious brands choose Morton Parasols for the perfect shade solution and the highest quality, which results in a wise investment for their business. We offer the same peerless quality to private individuals.